Flea Control of Long Beach

Flea elimination has fast become highly requested in recent times because many folks already have pets or animals in their houses and fleas usually survive and grow within the moist and cozy pet hairs on a dog or cat’s body, for example.

When your pets play and run outdoors, they can indeed be in danger of being ravaged by fleas.

It is important to mention that only about ten percent of the fleas are on your four-legged friend The other 90% which make up the flea eggs, larvae and pupa and a small number of the mature fleas will definately live in your living areas, bedding, and carpet That is why you’ll find it extremely important to address these areas in your attempt at complete flea extermination.

You should check your pets every so often to see if they may have fleas. A common hiding place is behind the ears of the pet. Fleas typically go through a four stage life-cycle so it is imperative to inspect all these areas.

Flea Treatment for Long Beach

Many individuals like to call in the experts regarding their flea issue simply because they recognize qualified personnel have the expertise and products to end the problem. We will execute our flea treatments in a reasonable time frame and additionally check places which you may have missed.

Before calling a licensed flea control of Long Beach exterminator, it is advised that you completely vacuum and thoroughly clean the carpets and rugs. Sprinkling Borax on the carpets after you’ve finished will help to dry out the fleas.

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